Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Barbeque: Colombia Style

While visiting Colombia for the holidays I got to catch up with my old photography group Agua Cero in Cali's Aguablanca district. We always love to eat when we get together so I am posting a video of us trying to get the coal (not charcoal) to light so we can get to eatin'!

Watching Video with Grupo Flormorado

It was great to see some of my students from Grupo Flormorado over the holidays. I delivered and installed some new computers for a mini lab we are trying to set up and got to see some of the new things they are working on. In the above photo the group was looking at a holiday video created for them by my Stetson Shutterbugs.

Christmas in La Florida

What a treat it was to spend the holidays in Colombia. Besides seeing my family I got to spend some time with mi familia from La Florida, including Don Jairo pictured above. We spent time catching up and planning our activities for the coming year.