Thursday, June 30, 2011

Nos Vamos a Cartagena/We're going to Cartagena!

In August I am taking members of Grupo Aguacero to the famous coastal resort city of Cartagena. For many of my students this will be the first time they have ever seen the ocean. Besides recreation, we will also be doing a photography project with children from a local church in Cartagena. During this trip Grupo Aguacero will start to transition from students to teachers, passing on what they have learned about photography. Getting to Cartagena from Cali entails a 26 hour bus ride. More details to follow!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Iguana Park / Parque de las Iguanas

This is a video about a neighborhood park/ Iguana reserve in Cali, Colombia that I discovered, run for 22 years as a labor of love by Orlando Machado. 

If the video plays too small on your screen, click the tab under the video to view it directly on youtube.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Gravy and Meatball with Grupo Aguacero

I am so excited to be back in Colombia for the summer, working with my students, taking photographs, and doing what I love. My first stop is Cali and my students from grupo Aguacero. They are always cooking for me, showing me dishes from Colombia, so this time I wanted them to experience something from Philly. I'm not much of a cook (but I can boil water!), so I brought down gravy and meatballs from renowned Vill di Roma Restaurant in South Philly so they could experience spaghetti like I did when I was growing up. Colombians' and many Latinos' idea of spaghetti is pasta with ketchup mixed with rice. Yuck! This time they got to try the real deal!