Monday, July 31, 2006


One of the most interesting things I’ve seen in Colombia was yesterday’s cockfight. Believe it or not they are legal here and have a fanatical following, mostly by hard core gamblers. These guys were playing dominoes and shooting dice between fights! Watching the cockfight was both intriguing and repulsive at the same time. I was sickened by the brutality of it but at the same time fascinated by how ingrained it is in the culture. Lots of people even brought their kids. It made me think about what we expose our kids to. I mean, what is worse, watching animals fight or people being decapitated on TV? What do you think?

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Pecas said...

Thats actually a very good question. I was talking with my grandmother the otherday telling her how different childhoods are in different countries and how shocking it is to me still that kids in the U.S. grow up with so much technology and what that exposes them to as well. Just like a cockfight is common imagine countries where its common to slaughter certain animals for a anykind of purpose and kids see that all the time and grow up with it (for example, bullfights in spain, or the goats for certain muslim traditions). I frankly don't know whats best if it were up to me niether!I would lean more towards the animals but natural fights filmed by the discovery channel =] not planned like dog fights and cockfights. But maybe with the way things are now that type exposure has become necessary maybe a different kind of education that maybe we weren't exposed to? I don't know so many terrible and violent things happen in the world that maybe thats an introduction to what they'll see in the future on the news and such. Well this has been a from thoughts to the compy type of post.. where i just blable... but i'll think about this one because its a good question!
-a super fan of the roco man