Saturday, July 22, 2006

El Paraiso

If you are going to visit Philadelphia they say you have to see Betsy Ross’ House. Why? Because it is an important part of our city’s history and culture. I’ve been told that a visit to Cali is not complete without visiting the famous Hacienda de Efraín y Maria, also called El Paraiso (Paridise). It is the scene of an incredibly tragic love story. Efraín and Maria were cousins who fell in love. This relationship was frowned upon by Efraín’s father who sent him away to England to study (and to keep him away from Maria). Anyway, he promised Maria he would come back to her and they wrote countless letters back and forth professing their love. Maria gets very sick and sends for Efraín, but it is a 3 month trip from England to Colombia (at least in the 1800s), and Maria dies 3 days before Efrain gets back. Talk about a tear jerker. This story was made famous by a Colombian writer named Jorge Isaac

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