Sunday, July 22, 2007

COSECHANDO/Harvesting by Oliva

Esta foto fue tomada en la huerta de mi padre.
Lo hice para mostrar, como con constancia y dedicacion, se siembra y luego ; podemos disfrutar de la cosecha, fruto del trabajo.
Estas hermosas flores sembradas por el, hace varios meses, ahora estan en el jarrón de su sala.

This picture was taken in my father's orchard. I took it to demonstrate how through sowing and hard work we can enjoy the harvest, the fruit of our labor. These beautiful flowers were grown by him and are now in a vase in his living room

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Anonymous said...

At first glance, before reading the caption I was taken by the warm glowing light, good composition and what appeared to be comfort between the subject and photographer. Then I read about how the subject is the photographers father. I myself enjoy photographing my family because of the personal connection I have with them and how the photograph is a document for future generations to enjoy and help remember who our ancestor are what they looked like. More then that, a successful photograph tells something about them. A. Alvarez