Sunday, July 22, 2007

SOLITARIO ENTRE COLUMNAS/Alone with Columns by Lisseth

Me gusto por que esta foto muestra a un anciano en las afueras de esta casa sin hacer nada esta situacion causa melancolia.

I like this because this photograph shows an old man outside this house doing nothing. It makes me feel sad.


Anonymous said...

Why does this photograph make the photographer sad? This locations seems to have a poetic quality to it. It is picturesque,warm and inviting. Yet sealed off at the same time. Start in my opinion with studying the many different ways to photograph this structure then include the people. Is it one big house or many small apartments. One familiy or many? A. Alvarez

Anonymous said...

bonito nombre lisseth,
me encantan las sombras de azules que capturaste.
y aquel viejo casi asustado y solo.